Our Ranch

Ulinia is a small picturesque seaside town located 9 km to the east of Łeba in the buffer zone of Sarbsko lake (length 8 km – popular place for windsurfing!) And 4 km from the lighthouse of Stilo and town Sasino. Ulinia Ranch is located 2 km from the unspoilt sandy beach and adjacent to the south with a vast complex of ancient woods 50 square km (mushroom picking, hunting) - a rarity on the coast.

Ranch is located in an extremely clean natural environment with healthy microclimate (the closest industrial chimney at a distance of 70 km) and a very varied landscape. Ulinia Ranch is provided as a base for horse riding and plenty of outdoor activities such as bike riding, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, camping, windsurfing and hunting.

Healthy climate, location, away from Łeba city, but with the ability to use its many and varied attractions ensures a healthy holiday not only for the horsemen.

History of Ulinia village

Ulinia - a village historically known since year 1437. The village has a house filled with clay bolt and rebuilt in 1924, the nineteenth-century manor house, still well maintained and functioning. The surrounding park is growing with beautiful old trees like oaks, linden, fir, beech.

Dating back to year 1437 (the former name of the German Ühlingen).. In the village you can see the remains of half-timbered buildings filled with clay. It is worth visiting these sites to see in good condition chateau from the second half of the nineteenth century, rebuilt in 1924.